DOD Admits China DEWS In Space, China Linked With BLM Founder, Obama Admin Subpoenas

? Enjoy The Benefits of Tumeric ? ✅ 4600% Better Absorbed Than Standard Turmeric ? ? Get 51% Off Here ➡️ ⬅️ We begin with the spurious connection between a China front group and an offshoot of BLM, moving onto the new posts where Sec. of Defense Mark Esper admits China and Russia both have put directed energy weapons in space, we tally the damage from the recent riots and it's the worst in history and finally, Joe and Kamala have endorsed a Michigan Democrat we DO NOT want in office. THIS CHANNEL HAS BEEN DEMONETIZED, YOU CAN STILL SUPPORT WITH OPTIONS BELOW & FIND ME ON OTHER PLATFORMS: Use the FREE Cash App: Try Cash App using my code, and you’ll get $10 when you send $5! Click here: If you already have it, use my special code” One time donation with Cash App: $RedPill78 ► Donate to RedPill78:  SEND AS FRIENDS AND FAMILY - NO FEES - UNCHECK THE GOODS & SERVICES BOX ► ► Patreon: NEW REDPILL78 AUDIO PODCAST - If you wish to send a check or money order you can make it out to RedPill78, address below LBRY is a new blockchain video host that auto uploads all my videos, plus if you join this free service using my link, the system gives me free crypto:$/invite/@RedPill78:e Follow me once you're there @RedPill78 FOLLOW ME ON GAB: Parler: PLEASE SUB TO BACKUP CHANNELS!  IF SOMETHING HAPPENS I WILL PUBLISH THERE! ► ► ► New RedPill78 Merch Store: ► Donate to M3thods: ► Digital Asset Donations if you know Crypto: 1AGKFmLt7qEEDawXKPiSKfVyYXixjdbozW Bitcoin Donations qqg9e623rtqrcym9wer32zj6sclptxx6ey938hgd74 BitcoinCash Donations 0xd13399E491c78195ea576295439889891DAC7374 Ethereum Donations LU66sxkwgg8tWQnecvrLA4qaBrWXQLcYW8 LiteCoin Donations This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. RedPill78 993 “C” S. Santa Fe Ave  #245 Vista, CA  92083 Some video elements provided by: Music: Fri. & Sat. Night Live Intro: Night Stalker by Wave Saver Outro: Alienated by Elfl Occams Razor/Comfy Sunday: Sunset Drive by Future Joust Outro: Arctic Peach by Luwaks Red Pill News: Edge of Discovery by Big Business #directedenergyweapons #ChinaDEWS #DEWFires