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A channel to help bring the REAL truth to those who may be lost in the seemingly "solution less" world we all find ourselves in...Our world, so full of misguided & disgruntled humans (regardless of societal "success") that entire generations have been lost. Come here to connect to authentic truth, to inspire critical thinking and to the real Spiritual Truth of this Earth. I was deceived to believe it was a myth...that is the life and truth of the word thru the gospel of Jesus Christ of Nazareth. 

He warned us that it would be this way. The Spirit of God is our only answer. Anyone who feels moved to support my work, HALLELUJAH! If you feel led to support this work: Put this: into your web navigator bar on phone or computer. or I'd love to hear from you via mail - old school: PO Box 3324 Blue Jay, CA 92317 The Truth Shall Set You Free, but you aren't going to find it on the BoobTube or even most of YOUTUBE! Welcome! God Bless❤️